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Exquisite Food

Delicious Food That Will Nourish You, Body and Soul

We are what we eat to a major extent, and fabulous food can contribute hugely to good health, fight ageing, guarantee weight loss, combat stress, crank up energy levels and promote longevity, if thoughtfully selected and prepared.

The Split Apple Retreat specialises in serving gourmet food, devised, designed and served with a real passion for good health, delicious dishes and mouth-watering  presentation. The results of a long-time collaboration between a doctor specialising in nutrition and an inspired chef and culinary artist, the Retreat has become celebrated for its dedication to fine food that will, at the same time, help tune the body to achieve optimum good health, promote longevity and help us all stay forever young.

Please contact us with any questions about the Retreat or with inquiries about rooms available or if you want to reserve a date to stay.

Just a few of the many original recipes featured at Split Apple Retreat.
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