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Guests Comments

"We're French and we know food. We would expect food of this quality at the top restaurants in France, but this is New Zealand"
---T G France

"Best 9 meals I've had in my Life!"

"Stunning, beautiful and a place"Without question the most compelling stay we have had anywhere around the world. The absolute pinnacle of refined luxury, personal service, and privacy in a truly contemplative setting, with a pristine natural setting that unfolds before your eyes. Every conceivable luxury service and detail is at your disposal, not the least of which is the extraordinary food which Lee and Pen prepare, not only to tantalize your taste buds, but also with your health in mind. Lee is also a knowledgable doctor, who specializes in wellness. This is a sanctuary of peace, relaxation and serenity. Come prepared to be amazed"
---B & C May 2011

 "We will never forget the view of Abel Tasman from
everywhere in the Retreat! Can't wait to come back to
this idyllic place, which is unique!"
---P & M January 2011

"Stunning, beautiful and a place created with love.
Thankyou from our hearts and body, an experience we will repeat in the future"
---S & G January 2011

"This is the best food that I've ever had anywhere!"
---J.C. - October 2010

“Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the most special and memorable stay we have had anywhere in the world”
---A.C. - October 2010

"We feel that this couple of days will lead to life changing experiences. Your advice and knowledge is incredible!"
---P & F - April 2010

"Our week has been a joyous voyage of the senses. Views that greet you each morning, meals lovingly prepared - superior to any we've had in Villa d'Este on Lake Como or any Four Seasons Hotel experience.
The Retreat is special."
---P & J - Feb. 2010

"The food was outstanding, different dishes every meal that were healthy and great tasting."
---D.H. - Feb. 2010

"I found here everything I was looking for and even more. This place left a footprint in my soul and I'll never be the same."
--- B.N. - Jan. 2010

"Every aspect of what you have created is first class, and we leave here feeling rejuvinated, invigorated and relaxed."
--- L & T - Jan. 2010

"The location is spectacular! The beauty, both natural and created are overwhelming. We left renewed and refreshed. Can't wait to get back here."
--- A & J - Jan. 2010

"We found paradise on earth at the Split Apple Retreat. The team was amazing and caring - we had the time of our lives here."
--- T & B - Jan. 2010

"I came, I saw, I was truly amazed and I'll be back - to move in! "
--- T.C. - Nov. 2009

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